My name is Thomas Noack and I have been walking the spiritual path together with my wife Anke Noack for many years and in constant exchange.

As a teenager I came to the New Revelation through Emanuel Swedenborg and Jakob Lorber. Later, I studied Protestant theology in Berlin and Zurich and graduated with a Master’s degree. I deepened my interest in the inner paths of Christianity and other world religions by studying for a Master of Advanced Studies in Spirituality at the University of Zurich. The literary sources of my spirituality are the Tanakh of Judaism, the New Testament of Christianity and the revelations of Swedenborg and Lorber. I am Managing Director of the Swedenborg Publishing House and Life Member of the Swedenborg Society in London. As I have always been interested in mysticism in general and Meister Eckhart in particular, I am also a member of the Society of Friends of Christian Mysticism and the Meister Eckhart Society.

The path as a symbol for the path of life. The picture in the sidebar shows a forest path in the fall, the third season of life. The gaze is directed purposefully forwards. But it encounters a wall of fog. We look into the future with our hunches, but we cannot see through them.